What to Know When You Buy a Central AC Replacement

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A brand new central air conditioner is a large-ticket item which plays an important role in how comfy your home is.
The lifecycle of most of the AC units is average of 10 -14 years, thus you can rely on going through the experience later or sooner. Before you start shopping here are a few things you will want to learn about central AC units replacement.
Right Size
A common mistake that homeowners make is purchasing a unit which is either too small or too big to cool their home efficiently. Unfortunately, replacing the central AC is not as simple as purchasing an identical-sized, brand new AC unit, particularly if you have made any change to your house, like the replacement of a drafty window, adding new rooms or installing new insulation.
It is recommended you’ve a licensed AC technician do a load calculation, the industry’s way of finding what size AC your house needs before purchasing a brand new one. Load calculation also decides the size and amount of air ducts your unit has in place as well as makes sure that they are in great working condition. A licensed AC technician like AC Repair Tolleson offers free on-site consultation to evaluate your house’s exclusive cooling requirements, regardless of where you purchase the AC.
Consider Buying Direct
Purchasing your new central Air Conditioner unit from an AC retailer directly provides substantial cost saving opportunity typically for homeowners because AC contractors who purchase the AC unit for you’ll include markup in the cost of the equipment. But, manufacturers generally tend to frown down on consumer-direct buys as they don’t want homeowners attempting to install the Air Conditioner unit as a DIY project; the dangers involved in DIY is serious and real.
If you do purchase direct ensure that you purchase your central AC through licensed distributor only and that it’s installed by licensed HVAC contractors. Provided that you meet this buying direct won’t just void your system’s warranty.
Efficiency Equal To Energy Savings
It is important to ensure that your new central Air Conditioner unit offer you with highest probable Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, or SEER, a measurement of amount of energy required to offer the right amount of cooling. Higher efficiency models can come with SEER from 14 to 25.5, and every model sold is needed to have SEER of no lesser than 13. In case you reside in a hot and humid climate it’s especially vital to select a system with the highest affordable SEER since it’ll be running lots of the time.
Compressors Importance
The most imperative component, and most costly part, of any central Air Conditioner unit is a compressor, which is just what allows the air conditioner unit to cool your home. Basically, two kinds of compressors are there— single-stage compressor and two-stage compressor. Single-stage compressors run on higher speed only, even when the room need lesser air to cool, resulting in high electric bills. The two-stage compressor cycles from higher to lower, running on low typically, leading to consistent temperatures and low utility bill. For most of the houses it is always best to purchase a central Air Conditioner unit replacement which has two-stage compressors.
There’s a lot to learn and know before you begin shopping for a new central AC system replacement —more than what is covered here. To know more on this, you can look further online or if you are looking for a complete replacement of the cooling unit, the courteous and licensed Air Conditioner technicians of your local AC repair company will do a free evaluation in order that you get the ideal fit for your house.


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